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Suido Kiko Middle East (“SKME”) is an engineering and construction company based in Jeddah that specializes in providing solutions in the water & waste water sectors. The company is a Joint venture between Saudi Brothers Commercial Company Group and Suido Kiko Kaisha of Japan. SKME also prides itself as the first engineering company operating in KSA that introduced MBR flat sheet technology to for the municipality and government sectors.

Its activities include engineering and construction of Seawater & Brackish desalination plants, Sewage Treatment System, Industrial Water/Wastewater Treatment System and Re-use from Sewage Wastewater.

Our parent company, Saudi Brothers Commercial Co., is one of the largest privately-held holding conglomerates in the Middle East. They own a variety of companies (Water desalination, Hotels & Resorts, Precision Engineering, Aviation, Food manufacturing, Agriculture, Printing …etc). 

Saudi Brothers draws its strength in the water sector through its wholly owned subsidiary SAWACO Water Desalination which specializes in desalinated water production and distribution.

The other parent company Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd., which is one of the largest engineering and construction companies in Japan specializing in the fields of potable water and wastewater treatment. Suido Kiko Kaisha has worked for the water sector for around 70 years and introduced new water systems to the Japan water sector. Suido Kiko also has largest installation record (ranked no. 1) of membrane plant for municipalities in Japan. More over Suido Kiko’s parent company TORAY which is one of the largest membrane suppliers in the world.

Suido Kiko Middle East has the vast business and professional experience of Saudi Brothers Company in Saudi Arabia combined with unrivalled state-of-the-art water treatment technology of Suido Kiko Japan.

EPC of MBR 30,000 m3/day and upgrading the existing 30,000 m3-day STP conventional. The MBR plant consists of a new equalization tank, anoxic tank, aeration tank, and MBR tank. For the existing STP conventional SKME installed a new primary sedimentation, sludge receiving tank, and anoxic tank, and refurnished and retrofitted, the existing Aeration and secondary clarifier tanks. When the plant first commenced its operation its purpose was to treat Aslaa's Valley large septic infested lake, referred as "MUSK" lake sarcastically due to its unbearable stale stench of the enormous amounts of sewage dumped into this lake, 1,400 tanker trucks daily! The lake has been accumulating sewage in this amount daily for a decade. The government needed to find a solution urgently with the contingency of the lake bursting the dike, which would certainly occur when another unexpected rainstorm occurred. If the dike had burst it would immerse the surrounding communities with its putrid sewage, and would be an environmental and social disaster spreading infectious diseases in epic proportions. The plan was to dry the lake within a year at most. SKME MISK plant significantly contributed to this solution by treating 3,000,000 cubic meters of sewage from this lake, and played an integral role in Briman's sewage lake problem. Due to the plants significant achievements it was recognized by GWI panel of experts from Global water Awards for nomination, and was shortlisted as one of the four companies in the world for water re-use. Out of the four companies SKME received the prestigious "2011 Global Water Awards". The GWI Global Water Awards experts recognize and pay tribute to top performing companies that made significant environmental beneficial contributions in the water industry. For more information please click here.
Total Recycling And Re-Use Plant for National Food Industries Company (Luna)-Jeddah, KSA

Client wanted to find a solution for the 1,700 m3/day waste   water it sends to the sewers. The waste water comes from over 10 different streams from a diary factory that produces UHT milk, juices, condensed milk, canned beans, canned vegetables, etc.   Suido Kiko Middle East designed a comprehensive waste water treatment solution for this factory. The proposed solution was was a total recycle & re-use plant.  For more information please click here.

National Water Company STP Conventional-Khomra-Jeddah, KSA

This project is a STP that treats Municipal and Industrial waste.  The capacity of the municipal waste is 25,000 m3/day and the industrial 25,000, with a total capacity of 50,000 m3/day.  The Munincipal and Industrial waste after the preliminary stage, are joined together in one stream for the remaining of the treatment.  For more information please click here.


This project is a water & Waste water treatment system for King Abdul Aziz University.  It consists of a:  1-sewage treatment plant 6,000 m3/day using membrane MBR technology which made use of the existing circular tanks with a footprint of 60% of the old STP, and 4x bigger than the old capacity 2-Sewage Treatment plant of 500 m3-day which is located near the sea and uses Membrane Bioractor Technology. 3-Hardness Removal plant 100 m3-day using reverse Osmosis Technology which makes use of the MBR treated water for its raw water.  The treated effluent is used for King Abdulaziz University Hospital for boiler and disinfection. For more information please click here.

UQU project consists of providing a sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 1,400 m3/day to treat the waste water of the university in Mekkah.  The new STP will be built at the same location of an old STP where some parts such as the lifting station, control room and equalization tank will be used by the new STP as well as some equipment such as Air Blowers.  For more information please click here.


SOJECO is sea water desalination plant located along Corniche Road in Khomra District, Jeddah approximately 25 km from naval base, occupying a total area of 22,000 sq.m.  The total area consists of water desalination plant building including (reject and break tanks, head cranes, electrical and control rooms), four product water tanks with total capacity of 10,000 meter cube, accommodation, power generation house, water filing stations, dispatch office, security & guard room, offices and parking.
The desalination plant operates 24 hours a day (52 weeks a year).  For more information please click here.


From 02 to 06 October 2010: SKME partcipated in SWPF 2010 conducted in Jeddah Hilton in stall C15

SWPF unites Saudi and international stakeholders and is a valuable oppurtunity to gain knowledge and contacts needed for business in one of the largest power and water market in the world.


AlSaudiArabia news paper discussed some of SKME's variety of projects. Topics include the notorious 60,000 m3/day MISK project, SKME's government clientele, SKME's advanced precise Japanese technology, the Al Khomrah 50,000 m3/day industrial and domestic water treatment plant, SOJECO desalination plant runned by SAWACO and designed and constructed by SAWACO, SKME's projects outside of Jeddah, the Japanese technology coordination company (Japan Water desk), etc... For more information please click here.


Starting from Jan. 13, 2011, technical sessions are being carried out regularly for fresh engineers (between the ages of 22-25) and other new staff by experienced engineer experts from Suido Kiko Kaish Head quarters in Tokyo Japan. These sessions emphasize on principle engineering case studies, and lectures for Water & Wastewater Treatment in order to enlighten them, increase their knowledge, share experiences, and them handle their projects and duties as effectively as possible.


Suido Kiko Middle East will participate in Saudi Japanese Forum from 23-25 March 2011.

SJF unites Saudi and Japanese key business persons to gain new oppurtunities for expanding business between the two countris.

Japan is the third largest trading partner in rwh Kingdom.  The two countries have an increasing integral role in the development of their respective economies.  This is why the forum was organized in teh capital of Japan, Tokyo. For more information please click here


Interview with Mr. Nizar Kammourie, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Suido Kiko Middle East about the Kingdom's increasing necessity for watertreatment with the exponentially increasing population, and its continous research amd development in watertreatment. Information regarding the new STP Airport plant was discussed as well. For more information please click here.


Two board members from Suido Kiko Kaisha Headquarters in \tokyo Japan, are appointed as new board of directors of Suido Kiko Kaisha Middle East; Mr. Shoichi Wakabayashi, and Mr. Shinri Satro.

2011 Global Water Awards

SKME is proud to announce that the GWI panel of experts from Global water Awards had shortlisted for nomination top four performing water treatment companies / parties in the world in different specific categoriies in the global water business, which in this case is for water re use, and then voted out of the four nominated companies / parties Jeddah Briman Water Re use for the prestigious "2011 Global Water Awards".  SKME is one of the parties, which played a major role by contirbuting to design, supply, install, and commision the onsite wastewater treatment facility that treated directly 3,000,000 cubic meter of sewage from the lake transferred by the MISK pumping station to the plant. The sewage was treated up water re-use which was used to irrigate the surrounding forest in Briman's valley, for the Municipality of Jeddah, and industrial purposes.  For more information please click here, and than click on the water reuse project tab.

Saudi Gazette interview with CEO , Suido Kiko Middle East

Saudi Gazette news paper published an article, 14/06/2011, about SKME's sea water desalination plant SOJECO with the chief executive officer of Suido Kiko Middle East, Nizar Kammourie discussing the plants successful present completion and future status. SOJECO seawater desalination is 10,000 m3/day but has been designed to eventually produce 40,000 m3/day to cope with the developing exploding population residential construction at the second industrial area in Jeddah. The plant desalinates sea water to make it suitable for both industrial and domestic use. For more information please click here or visit the Saudi Gazette website here.



Gulf Environment & Sustainable Development Forum

March 25-27 , 2012 , Jeddah Hilton -KSA -Gulf Environment & Sustainable Development Forum

Welcome to the Gulf Environment & Sustainable Development Forum (GEF), Saudi Arabia’s official environment exhibition and conference, held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz. Launched in 2010, under the initiative of the Presidency of Meteorology & Environment, GEF brings international experts together to develop environmental enterprise within the Kingdom.

March 27 , Conference day 2 , Session 8 : Advanced Water Strategies and Reuse in the MENA Region : 14:15 Nizar Kammourie - CEO , Suido Kiko Middle East - Presented "Sustainable Consideration for Soil Remediation in Sewage Lakes (Case study :Nazeem Lake)



GEF 2012 Awards - Nominate by 4th March 2012

SKME's Nazeem Sewage Lake Remediation Project in Riyadh was nominated and short listed for the GEF 2012 Awards: HRH Prince Turki Bin Nasser Award for Environmental Protection. Only five projects made it to the short list.

Nazeem Lake Case study Presentation













                 LATEST NEWS AND EVENTS



“SKME CEO supporting Careers Carousel Day held at the British International School in Jeddah on May 4 2015.”

SKME CEO was invited by Mrs Wendy Isaac ,University Guidance Counsellor at the British International School of Jeddah to give a presentation for Y10 and IB1 students about a future career in engineering.
A total of 27 students , divided over 3 groups , attended SKME CEO presentation and got a glimpse on the intricacies of the EPC  world. "




Package Sewage Treatment Plants for Al Bahah Region.

On December 10,2013 The Saudi Minister of Water and Electricity H.E Abdullah AL Hussain visited Al-Bahah Region to oversee the progress of the Al-Bahah Water Directorate Projects.  The visit included projects' update and amongst the most critical strategic projects was SKME's package sewage treatment plants that covered SEVEN (7) villages in  Al-Bahah region and is the foundation of the sewage treatment infrastructure in the region.  SKME prepared an exhibition and a presentation delivered by C.E.O Mr. Nizar Kammourie to HE the Minister of Water & Electricity , the Director General of Sewage Drainage in KSA-Dr Al MUTLAQ and Head of Projects Division in Al Bahah Water Director Eng Abdul Aziz Al Zahrani ,  highlighting SKME's background and areas of business expanding into previous  and current projects.  SKME CEO had the pleasure of showing SKME  awards for MISK  and Nazeem projects.  Finally , HE the Minister and the directorate were impressed by SKME's design of the plants that they considered standardizing it at the Ministry level all over the Kingdom.



Global Water Intelligence Awards 2013

"SKME has achieved a new milestone in its remarkable quest for excellence in providing environmental and sustainable solutions for the water and waste water industry.SKME was announced  winner of the prestigious award : Industrial  Water Sustainability at the Global Water Awards 2013 during the Global Water Intelligence Summit held in Seville, Spain in April 2013.

The Industrial Water Sustainability Award goes for the project, commissioned during 2012, which shows the most compelling commitment to reducing the environmental impact of anindustrial facility.

The Winner Project is : National Food Industries (Luna)  reuse system, Saudi Arabia
What is it?
A water reuse plant serving the National Food Industries Company (Luna) in Saudi Arabia. The 1,700m3/d wastewater stream comes from ten different sources within a factory that produces UHT milk, juices, condensed milk, canned beans and other vegetables.

 Who is responsible?

Suido Kiko Middle East, which is a joint venture between Toray-controlled Suido Kiko and Saudi Brothers’ Commercial Company.

 What makes it special?

 It is a highly complex reuse project, requiring the different flows to be divided between organic and inorganic streams, and then further subdivided between high-load and low-load streams.

 The project enables the client to reclaim 85% of the wastewater stream for reuse in the facility, thus dramatically reducing the volume of utility water bought in.

Jeddah is one of the most water-stressed cities in the world, and one where the food and beverage industry is both thirsty in its need for water and conservative in its attitudes to reuse. This is an imaginative and technically brilliant solution to the challenge that these facts pose.

The award was presented to SKME CEO Mr. Nizar Kammourie by the Mexican President Vincente Fox .



 TORAY CEO Mr. Akihiro Nikkaku  along with TORAY WATER Division Management benefited from their presence in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia during May 2013 to congratulate SKME's CEO on this prestigious award.

 This project (  National Food Industries (Luna)  reuse system) is the fruit of concerted efforts between Tokyo design office of SKK and the local teams of SKME



Global Water Awards 2013 (GWI Award 2013)

Suido Kiko Middle East has been shortlisted for the Global Water Awards 2013 (GWI Awards 2013) in category of Industrial Water Sustainability Award for the prestigious,  Project, Recycling and Re-Use Plant for National Food Industries Company (NFIC-LUNA), Jeddah.

Final results will be announced at Global Water Awards Dinner on Monday 22nd April 2013 at the Pabellón de la Navegación in Seville, Spain. For more information please click here



Innovative Water Solutions for a Challenging Future

Suido Kiko Middle East is the main Platinum Sponsor for the Symposium titled “Innovative Water Solutions for Challenging Future", Under the aegis of the National Water Company, held at Hilton Hotel, Jeddah on Wednesday -December 5, 2012.

For more information please visit the National Water Company website here.



April 21-2012, UMM AL QURA University MBR System presentation For Professor and Students

“Suido Kiko Middle East  is a water and waste water treatment company that put great emphasis on providing environmentally friendly solutions.  In our continuous effort in educating  the public about the importance of preserving the environment in the way of wastewater treatment, SKME has delivered pamphlets and presentations in Universities and conferences across Saudi Arabia explaining the process and advantages of wastewater treatment.  Most recently, a group of environmental engineering students from Um Alqura University in Makkah led by their professor visited the sewage treatment plant in Um Alqura University in Alawaly Dist, Makkah constructed by SKME.  In this visit, SKME Eng. Ammar Al-Omari (Senior Process Engineer) explained to the young bright minds the process of sewage treatment using the advanced technology of Membrane BioReactor (MBR).  The process which is easily summarized into 5 steps: First lifting station in which all the sewage is collected from the University Campus and then lifted into the newly renovated Equalization tank.  Second, the Equalization tank sends the raw sewage in a constant flow rate to the 4 separate treatment trains.  Third, each train uses fine screens to remove any debris larger than 2.5mm.  Fourth, a circulation process is completed using pumps and blowers to complete the nitrification denitrification needed to remove nitrogen from the sewage.  Fifth and finally, the water is sucked though the membrane by pumps, disinfected by sodium hypochlorite and collected in the treated water tank where trucks taking water for irrigation purposes.  The plant is completely run on Automatic mode using a control panel in the control building. 
SKME takes pride in teaching and educating  every member of the society about the benefit of   water and wastewater treatment plants.”



Gulf Environment Forum Award For The Year 2012

Suido Kiko Middle East in partnership with KSA’s national Water Company received the highly coveted  HRH Prince Turki Bin Nasser Award for Environment Protection for the year 2012.
This award was presented by His Royal Highness Prince Turki to both, Mr Loay Musallam, Chief Executive Officer, National Water Company and Mr Nizar Kammourie, Chief Executive Officer, Suido Kiko Middle East during Gulf Environment Forum 2012 Conference in Jeddah, KSA (March 27, 2012).

The project that received the award is the Nazeem Lake Clean Up Project. Nazeem Sewage Lake, a site 40 km east of Riyadh that has been used to receive domestic and industrial wastewater tankers during the last 20 years.
Covering a total area of 5.8 million sq m, the environmental project was considered one of the largest in the region.
National Water Company, the client, requested Suido Kiko Middle East to rehabilitate this site to EPA (US) and PME (KSA) Standards.
Over 2,000,000 cubic meters of contaminated soil spread over 5,800,000 square meters were remediated. Life came  back to  this large site which warranted  awarding   National Water Company and Suido Kiko Middle East this prestigious environmental award.



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