As Suido Kiko Middle East brother company is Suido Kiko Kaisha we offer the same varied array of state of the art water treatment products including Toray's membrane technology. Suido Kiko Middle East harnesses the skills of the two companies to provide clients with the most optimal and economically effective water treatment  solutions.  As of February 2005 Suido Kiko Kaisha is the top company in Japan for membrane filtration systems.  Suido Kiko Kaisha is the prominent and largest engineering and construction company for potable water and waste water treatment in Japan.  Furthermore Suido Kiko Middle East takes advantage of SAWACO water desalination experience and knowledge and has the vast professional business and market experience of SBCC. With our comprehensive technical background in watertreatment our goal is to be the leading EPC and provide the markets in the Middle East
the optimal choices for their watertreatment needs and facilitate and enhance their operations.

Devices for potable water treatment facility

*Preliminary treatment

Screen, Pre-filter

*Flocculation & Sedimentation

Mixer, Flocculator, Settling device, Scraper


Gravity filter, Pressure filter, Under drain self-washing valve-less filter, Washing device, Water Collector

*Advance water treatment

Ozonizer, Activated carbon filter,Electro-dialysis, De-carbonater, Arsenic remover

*Membrane Treatment

MF, UF, Micro Pore Membrane for removal of pathogen microorganism

*Sludge Treatment

Thickener, Filter press

*Chemical dosing

Chlorine, NaClO, Coagulants dosing system

*Chemical dosing    

PSI (Polysilicato-Iron)

Sea Water Desalination device

*Conventional RO System

using Toray ROMEMBRA

*Brine Conversion 2 stage system

using Toray ROMEMBRA

*UF/MF membrane device

Pre-treatment using Toray TORAYFILL
Please note that other UF/MF membrane devices manufactured by Asahikasei chemicals co., Kuraray co., and NGK co., etc are also available.

*Boron Removal system

using Toray ROMEMBRA

Devices for sewage water treatment facility

*Settling device

Screen, Screenings washer

*Sewage water treatment device

Aerator, Aerator for OD, Scraper, Water Collector, Supernatant collector

*Disinfection device

*Deodorization device

Absorption method, Chemical method

*Sludge Treatment

Sludge volume reduction system, Dehydrator, Polymer coagulant

*Advanced wastewater treatment

Phosphorus removal, UV-lump, Ozonizer + membrane

Industrial water & waste water treatment facility

*Water treatment device

Sand filter, Membrane filter, Special filter, Chlorinated organic compound removal, Water purifier for emergency

*Waste water treatment device DAF(Dissolved Air Floatation), Thickener

Advanced wastewater treatment, ASM(Activated sludge method) process

*Waste water reuse device

MBR(Membrane bioreactor), RO, Disinfection device

*Ground water treatment

Volatile organic compound removal, Heavy metal removal

Other products

*Emergency small water purifier

MF type and RO type

*Residential Chlorine meter

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